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      • Ultra Lightweight Wheel
      • Alloy Wheel
        Have lighter weight about 1/2; Fuel economy ;Can reduce tire wear; Higher loading capacity; Can expand the engine longevity; Have a higher strength of resistence
      • Imitation Aluminum Alloy Wheel
        Variety of appearance types,Large vent hole and light weight ,Optimizing product structure ,Enhance strength and bearing capacity,Resistance to impact and low temperature are higher than aluminum alloy wheel
      • Tubeless Steel Wheel
        Wide range of use; High strength of flange; High strength of wheel assembly; Reduce tire blow-out

      ABOUT US

      Shandong Zhenyuan Auto Wheel Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, located in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, China. ZHENYUAN covers an area of 55000㎡. As the industry leader, ZHENYUAN has core technology include steel wheel, alloy wheel, forged wheel and lightweight electric vehicle wheel. The products are widely used on heavy-duty trucks, trailers, semi-trailer, buses, cars and new energy vehicles.


      +86 532 86569677
      +86 532 86569877
      No. 66, Huanghe Road,developing zone,Liaocheng,Shandong, China